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Healthcare Coordination

PMAL are pleased to be making life easier for medical professionals. GPs, specialists and surgeons can now utilise PMAL healthcare coordination services through Specialist Referrals (SR) platform.

Having a centralised hub to facilitate all tests required by GPs, specialists and surgeons has shown to reduce significant waiting time to diagnosis and speed up access to treatment.

General practitioners (GPs), specialists and surgeons are using PMAL’s healthcare coordination services for:

  • Expediting referrals and linking patients with the best health professionals
  • Ordering of tests in sequence, ensuring results are promptly received
  • Timely appointment scheduling for private health services
  • Reducing wait times to receive diagnostic tests and treatment
  • Professionally engaging with patients, particularly those with complex health needs
  • Coordinating a seamless healthcare experience for their patients
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Medical Professionals


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Patients are seen promptly for specialist services

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Patients receive a very positive healthcare experience


The proactive management approach results in better patient outcomes


Recovery and rehabilitation are actively managed, aiding in the overall experience

PMAL have a large Provider Network of healthcare professionals.

If you feel your patients could benefit from PMAL services, we are accepting referrals through Medtech, Specialist Referrals (SR) or via email to [email protected].

A PMAL coordinator will contact patients within 24-48 hours.

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