Healthcare Coordination

At PMAL, enabling the best patient experience and securing fast access to treatment is our priority.

Our dedicated patient coordinators take care of everything medical for you: facilitating timely appointment slots, booking diagnostic tests in the right sequence, progressing treatment plans and liaising with specialist teams, to ensure the best patient experience for you.

We are proven to deliver a seamless experience for patients through efficient, coordinated care.

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Key Benefits of our Healthcare Coordination Service

Let PMAL be part of your healthcare journey so you can focus on recovery and relaxation.

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Facilitation of medical services, including out of town appointments

from referral to recovery

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Preferential appointments for the healthcare you require

as soon as possible

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Support, every step of the way ensuring a stress-free medical journey

so you can focus on your recovery

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Fast access to our Provider Network

of the best specialists and surgeons in NZ

How does our Healthcare Coordination Service work?

Our 5-step process begins with your GP recommending a specialist consultation or diagnostic test(s) to further diagnose a condition or implement a management plan.

Our close working relationships with specialist provider groups enable PMAL to expedite care and ensure specialists have the information they require to plan care, with minimal downtime.

Extensive Provider Network

PMAL has a large healthcare Provider Network that enables us to service patients efficiently.

The PMAL Provider Network includes, but is not limited to:

  • Private hospitals
  • Medical specialists
  • Surgeons
  • Comprehensive radiology providers
  • Laboratories
  • Allied health providers
  • Rehabilitation providers
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation providers
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