Hear from some of our patients and specialist medical professionals about how effective our patient management and healthcare coordination services are.

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Testimonials from our Patients

TLV, American Samoa

“I was afforded the opportunity to go to New Zealand for medical treatment. I was floored and humbled at the ease in which everything was executed, from the day we were advised that we would be leaving and the preparation that came with it, to our overnight stay in Samoa while awaiting our flight to New Zealand. Everything fell into place without any difficulties and that continued throughout this amazing experience in New Zealand.

Everyone from the coordinators/caseworkers, the Doctors and nurses, to the driver that transported us back and forth were informative and courteous. The patient care was OUTSTANDING!

Again, thank you.”

ES, Suva, Fiji

“Thank you for the excellent service provided during my extended stay in Auckland regarding my recent shoulder surgeries. I was comforted knowing that your team was always available and professional.

From greeting me at the airport, availing transportation to pre and post operation appointments, delivering and collecting me to and from hospital, providing assistance and advice during my convalescence and safe delivery to the airport for my journey back home. Kudos for making it personal. I departed New Zealand with a new set of friends.”

MK, Nadi, Fiji

“Pacific Medical Assist has been there for me from the beginning till the end. During my six week stay in New Zealand for surgical treatment, I was looked after superbly.

I was confident about the services provided by Pacific Medical Assist, however, what I received surpassed all expectations, to which I will always be grateful. This prepared me mentally and emotionally for the Bilateral Hip Replacement surgery.

I would like to acknowledge Pacific Medical Assist for being there for me and for the exceptional service provided. I would say that it has drastically improved my quality of life and perspective as well.”

Testimonials from our Medical Professionals

Interventional Cardiologist, Ascot Cardiology Group

The Ascot Cardiology Group consists of 11 heart specialists based at Ascot Hospital. We provide comprehensive cardiac care in partnership with Ascot Angiography and Ascot Radiology. We have been looking after patients in the Pacific since 1990.

In recent years we have been working with Pacific Medical and their patients from many parts of the Pacific. This relationship has been very efficient and smooth.

  1. Initial request for treatment from Pacific Medical for an individual patient – In all cases Pacific Medical has obtained all the relevant information to allow us to make a decision about the likely risks and benefits of treatment and provided an acceptance letter.
  2. Notification of the date of arrival of the patient with a confirmed appointment time – In general this has gone very well and when there is clearly a delay which is beyond the control of Pacific Medical we have been informed in good time. This allows us to manage our clinics well.
  3. Ensuring good communication with the patient and ensuring they turn up for the appointment – We have had no failures at this level.
  4. Accepting the recommendations for treatment and having clear communication around personnel and timeframes – this has also occurred.
  5. Accounts management and payment – This has been very efficient with no concerns.

From our perspective, Pacific Medical runs an efficient service ensuring the patient gets appropriate treatment and care in a timely fashion. In addition, there is a compassionate component to their organisation culture. They feel cared about and cared for. I have heard nothing but good comments from the individual’s and their families that they have managed.

I thoroughly recommend Pacific Medical and look forward to continuing to work with them.

Chief Operating Officer, Eye Institute

Eye Institute partnered with PMAL in 2017 to provide ophthalmology services. We continue to have a strong working relationship with PMAL.

As New Zealand’s largest private ophthalmology provider it is crucial to us that we partner with companies that have robust processes in place ensuring pre and post-procedure information, transport arrangements, accommodation and access to support is to the quality we would expect for any of our private patients. PMAL consistently delivers on these expectations.

Our ability to provide services to the pacific population is an important tenant in our diversity strategy that ensures all populations have access to treatment for vision threatening procedures.

Our relationship with PMAL has allowed us to provide vision saving treatments for a number of pacific patients.

Associate Professor Adam Bartlett, PhD, FRACS
General, Hepatic, Pancreatic and Laparoscopic Surgeon

I am writing in support of Pacific Medical Assist (PMAL) continuing to provide specialist medical care for patients from the Pacific.

I have worked with Pacific Medical Assist for a number of years and they have provided an outstanding service for this group of patients. They communicate clearly and provide the necessary information in order to make a clear plan, prior to considering transfer of patients.

Whilst the patients are in New Zealand, they provide excellent support for the patient and their carers, and on return back to the Pacific, continue this service.

Their staff are always approachable and willing to go the extra mile in order for these patients to obtain care that would not otherwise be available to them.

Your consideration to enabling Pacific Medical Assist to continue this service delivery with the health reforms, would be an important aspect of continuing to care for our Pacific peoples going forward.

I am happy to be contacted directly if you wish to discuss more specific aspects.

Dr Carl Muthu, Vascular Surgeon

My name is Dr Carl Muthu and I am a Vascular Surgeon who works in public and private practice in Auckland. I have worked with Pacific Medical Assist for a number of years and have found them to provide an excellent service.

One of their great strengths is their clear and concise communication. They predict problems and plan early. They are excellent at helping to decide what a patient needs done before they leave the Pacific and arrive in New Zealand so things can be arranged in the most expeditious fashion on arrival in New Zealand. They are excellent care coordinators in arranging all investigations, specialists’ opinions, paramedical opinions and treatment options in both the public and private sectors for patients on arrival in New Zealand. They do an excellent job in coordinating care on return to the Pacific and any subsequent appointments that are needed.

I have no hesitation in recommending them and hope that they have the opportunity to continue to provide their excellent service in the future.